Our team is available to help tenants and owners identify and align strategic business, operational and financial objectives with your real estate requirements.


Site evaluation and acquisition, entitlements, utility/infrastructure assessments, environmental and geotechnical coordination and review, land ownership, traffic study coordination, scheduling, impact fee analysis.


Capital markets & construction financing, debt sourcing/negotiation, coordination of closing/funding process, equity sourcing, impact fee analysis, accounting and payables, draw documentation, insurance analysis.


Master planning review, value engineering, zoning and code compliance evaluations, communicate with client, team assemblage, predevelopment cost projection, manage design team, produce and manage design contracts.

Construction (Site, Core & Shell)

Architectural and contractor qualifications & selection, contract negotiations, review and documentation, conduct project meetings, change order administration, manage general contractor, conduct site visits during construction, quality control and material testing coordination and review, produce and track punchlist.

Services Include

Assembling a Design Team

Assembling a Consultant Team

Project Financing

Pre-Construction Management

Expediting Due Diligence Processes

Facilitating Project Process

Managing Budgets and Schedules

Industrial Facilities Development
Design Build: Development Tailored to You

A design build development allows tenants to partner with developers to build a new facility to their own specifications. At Greenfield, our approach to a design build development is collaborative and transparent from start to finish. We partner with you to define and deliver a project that aligns seamlessly with your business and operational needs.

A design build development can help you maximize space and efficiency, plan for growth and scalability of your operations, and align your real estate needs with market demands. We will work with you to create a facility to meet your unique or complex needs – one that is of institutional quality, sustainable, highly productive and energy-efficient. At Greenfield, our understanding of our customers’ needs has translated into design build successes throughout the country.

When it comes to funding, we have the capital capabilities and resources in place to ensure your project is realized. In addition to Greenfield’s fully discretionary investment funds, we have the ability to execute transactions with alternative capital sources making us one of the few companies that can provide clients with this level of flexibility. Whether you are pursuing a design build to lease or own upon completion, or a design build to lease with the ability to own in the future, Greenfield collaborative and partnership-based approach will help you realize your goals.

Local and National Footprint

We pride ourselves on being everywhere our customers need us. Whether than means the major urban markets or rural regional markets throughout the country, it’s wherever your business requires you to be. Our regional strength and national footprint give us the ability to source, manage and develop design build projects anywhere in the continental United States.

Greenfield has experience managing and operating development-ready land in key distribution markets across the country. Additionally, we partner with customers to source, entitle and acquire sites in their desired location, while assisting in the design and construction of the project

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