Construction Management

On-site Supervision and Project Management

Greenfield brings a collaborative, owner-focused approach and a broad range of commercial construction services tailored to your specific needs. From site selection, architectural and civil design, project management to on-site supervision and post-completion follow-up, we deliver exceptional value and know-how. Our services range from a full turnkey design/build approach to construction management and general contracting.

Project Planning

Site evaluation and acquisition, entitlements, utility/infrastructure assessments, environmental and geotechnical coordination and review, land ownership, traffic study coordination, scheduling, impact fee analysis.


Create bid packages to solicit complete proposals from appropriate and qualified contractors, which simplifies the contractor selection and contract negotiation process.


Lead the team of consultants through the design process to ensure that the complete scope is captured while maximizing efficiency in both cost and schedule.


Stay actively engaged throughout construction to maintain overall schedule, minimize changes in cost and provide quality assurance.

Project Close-Out

Work diligently to gather and organize as-built drawings, punch list sign-off, regulatory approvals, lien releases, warranty information, obtain CO and permits and other close-out documents that the Owner and Tenant may need as reference information for the maintenance of the project.

Construction Management Benefits


Our team is comprised of highly skilled and motivated construction management professionals educated in all disciplines of the construction process. Each person on the Greenfield staff has a personal commitment to getting the job done right with the highest efficiency and quality possible.

Time Savings

We will complete construction projects in less time through the development and implementation of the Construction Management Plan and by establishing clear channels of communication between all parties involved in the project.

Better Quality and Value

Greenfield takes the time to understand our client’s subjective perception of value and will deliver a project tailored to that discernment, Through constant communication.

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